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Experienced engineers consolidate their experience and knowledge to establish TOTALIEN ENDUSTRIYEL URUNLER SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.  since 2012, located in Istanbul TURKEY

Totalien is an manufacturer of Qehribar Waterproof  Junction Boxes, Waterproof  Enclosures, Metal Enclosures, Cable Glands and Cable Grabs

Qehribar as a brand of Totalien makes avaliable high quality, reliable products

Qehribar offers Junction Boxes and Enclosures have mechanical, chemical, thermal, dust, water, impact resistance,plastic powder coating, and they can be equipped individually,

They are are used to distribute, terminate and conduct electricity in outside and hazardous explosive areas optionally, Equipped Terminal Boxes, all of the modular terminals up to 35 mm2 pursuant to EN 60079-7 are available

Metal enclosures and  boxes are in sheet steel  with galvanized mounting plate  Sturdy  metal enclosures provide excellent protection for your electronics in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a variety of sizes, materials and styles, it’s easy to find the perfect juction box, project enclosure or complete OEM solution. Optional wall mount and stand alone styles are available.

Qehribar cable glands have been well-established in the market for many years. Cable glands made of plastic, metal, or stainless steel have been tried and tested for many years and offer very reliable functioning. Our trusted overlapping clamping segment system ensures good hold and seal.

Cable Grab is a unique and special tool of Qehribar to grab the cables or cylindrical shaped materials during lying through ducts, surface or trench.

CableGrab is mostly preferred due to the shorter time necessary for grabbing or removing effort since cable lying activity is performed mostly with many workers/electricians/experts hence it is required to speed up sub-processes of complete lying activity in order to utilize the team efficiency and prevent loss of time.

Expected installation of CableGrab is 90 seconds while the competitors reach 30+ minutes approximately.


Our Scope is,

Quality management principles and future customer needs, and the studies with a common R & D activities in order to fulfill customer requirements and to determine the methods development. According to the results of his studies to evaluate customer satisfaction survey, review and performs the necessary improvements on the subject,

With our experienced logistic team deliver the goods to his customer’s warehouses, project sites, or anywhere at  Europe, North Africa and Middle East Countries  with optional delivery terms such as CIF, DAP, DDP, EXWORK as per customer requested

We would be glad to support our valuable customers at their projects with our highquality services