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Cable Grab

The Cable Grab is a tool to grab the cables or cylindrical shaped materials during lying through ducts, surface or trench. Cable Grab is mostly preferred due to the shorter time necessary for grabbing or removing effort since cable lying activity is performed mostly with many workers/electricians/experts hence it is required to speed up sub-processes of complete lying activity in order to utilize the team efficiency and prevent loss of time.

Expected installation of Cable Grab is 90 seconds while the competitors reach 30+ minutes approximately. advantages are as follows;

  • Provides practical use, easy installation and removal
  • Short installation/removal duration
  • Remove/install in limited space due to small dimension
  • High tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent thermal and good chemical resistance dimensional stability
  • Provides the opportunity to use many times, It has a long lifetime.
  • Heat and flame/fire resistant
  • No physical damage and/or deformation under improper stocking conditions
  • GRAB has a Smooth surface and there is no sharp edge
  • Inner Surface of GRAB is serrated for a good grip on the cable
  • It does not cause any damage to the outer sheath of the cable
  • Strong tightening to the cable with 4 screws
  • No excessive force on the screws, due to the interlocked frame
  • Another additional feature of Cable Grab is that it can be used as a mandrel.

Item can be shipped to all over the world.

Overview about Cable Grab

CableGrab tool is designed to be used for pulling electrical cables (not necessarily only electrical cables but mainly) via underground ducts by mechanically tensioned steel rope. Design of the CableGrab considers usage not only straight ducts but also underground ducts with bending taken into account. In case of sharp underground bending CableGrab might not progress inside the duct, so, user is expected to ensure a proper bending radius prior to start cable lying activity. Also mandrill test of underground ducts are strongly recommended prior to cable lying activity.

User is recommended also to choose proper Cable Grab for the cable to be laid.

Use of Product

Before using CableGrab, read User Manual and ensure the product matches the activity to perform. In case of any doubt, contact to the supplier/distributor for further clarification. Proper torqueing of CableGrab depending to the tension value of Steel Rope are given by the table in Table1

Table 1. Proper torqueing value of CableGrab depending to the tension value of Steel Rope

 Model #Cable Diameter (mm)  Cable Diameter (inches)  Material  Weight (Kg)  Steel Rope Tension Value Approx. Breaking Strength of Cable  
CG1417 17 - 14 6,69”- 5,51” Carbon Steel 3 30 kN 16 kN
CG2217 22 - 17 8,66”- 6,69” Carbon Steel 4 60 kN 37 kN
CG2228 28 - 22 11,02”- 8,66” Carbon Steel 4 80 kN 43 kN
CG2834 34 - 28 13,38”- 11,02” Carbon Steel 5 100 kN 64 kN
CG3442 42 - 34 16,53”- 13,38” Carbon Steel 5 140 kN 97 kN
CG4250 50 - 42 19,68”- 16,53” Carbon Steel 5 180 kN 138 kN
CG5060 60 - 50 23,62”- 19,68” Carbon Steel 6 240 kN 198 kN
CG6072 72 - 60 28,34”- 23,64” Carbon Steel 6 350 kN 286 kN
CG7285 85 - 72 33,46”- 28,34” Carbon Steel 6 460 kN 399 kN
(*) Stainless Steel product available upon request
(**) Breaking Strength of Steel Rope depends on rope spoitacfiicens.