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Distribution Enclosures

Product Features

  • Ral 7035 Grey
  • ABS Polycarbonite Material
  • Halogen Free
  • Degree of Protection IP 65
  • Impact Resistance IK 10 – GWT 650°C
  • Triangle Lock-Key
  • PUR Material for High Quality Sealing
  • Included 1mm. Galvanized Mounting Plate
  • Included Wall Fixing Bracket
  • Operating Temperature , -25 to +60C

Item can be shipped to all over the world.


Waterproof Enclosures are moulded from ABS and Polycarbonate material. They are lightweight and offer high impact resistance, making them ideal for housing electrical and electronic equipment at Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas.
They can be used in airport, subway station, paint, chemicals, drugs, gas-online warehouses, refineries, LPG- LNG- CNG plants, metro stations, mines, LPG stations, more as pushbutton box, terminal box, signal box, relays box, sensor box

Technical Features

Opaque Distribution EnclosureDimension (W x H x D)
TDP 101802418x24x13IP 65
TDP 102102821x28x13IP 65
TDP 102503025x30x13IP 65
TDP 102503325x33x13IP 65
TDP 102503525x35x15IP 65
TDP 103003530x35x16,5IP 65
TDP 103004030x40x16,5IP 65
TDP 1030040-130x40x19,5IP 65
TDP 104005040x50x17,5IP 65
TDP 1040050-140x50x24,5IP 65
TDP 104006040x60x20IP 65
TDP 105007050x70x24,5IP 65
TDP 103005035x50x19,5IP 65
TDP 105006050x60x22IP 65
TDP 106008060x80x26IP 65
TDP 107510075x100x30IP 65
Transparent Distribution Enclosure
TDP 201802418x24x13IP 65
TDP 202102821x28x13IP 65
TDP 202503025x30x13IP 65
TDP 202503325x33x13IP 65
TDP 202503525x35x15IP 65
TDP 203003530x35x16,5IP 65
TDP 203004030x40x16,5IP 65
TDP 2030040-130x40x19,5IP 65
TDP 204005040x50x17,5IP 65
TDP 2040050-140x50x24,5IP 65
TDP 204006040x60x20IP 65
TDP 205007050x70x24,5IP 65
TDP 203505035x50x19,5IP 65
TDP 205006050x60x22IP 65
TDP 206008060x80x26IP 65

Opaque Distribution Enclosure

Transparent Distribution Enclosure