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Opaque and Transparent Knockout Junction Boxes

Product Features

  • Screw Open Close Type
  • Multiple Knockout entrance
  • VoltageRange; 220-240 Volt
  • It is made from high strength
  • ABS-Policarbonate material,
  • Impact Resistance IK 10 – GWT 650°C
  • Degree of Protection IP 44, IP 54, IP 67
  • Ral7036 grey colour,
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Glowwire Test 650°C
  • Weights about 1/4 of the metal box
  • Easy handling and operating
  • Corrosion resistance, Good insulation
  • High Protection degrees
  • High Protection against Machanical Impact IK 10
  • Optional with Mounting Metal Plate

Item can be shipped to all over the world.


Junction Boxes are moulded from ABS and Polycarbonate material. They are lightweight and offer high impact resistance, making them ideal for housing electrical and electronic equipment at Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas for Indoor and Outdoor Usage

They can be used in airport, subway station, paint, chemicals, drugs, gas-online warehouses, refineries, LPG- LNG- CNG plants, metro stations, mines, LPG stations and more, as pushbutton box, terminal box, signal box, relays box, sensor box, communication junction box and so on.

Technical Features

Circular Knockout Junction BoxDimension (W x H x D)
TKB 1070040Ø 70x40IP44
TKB 1085045Ø 85x45IP44
Knockout Junction Box
TKB 208008080x80x40IP44
TKB 208012080x120x50IP54
TKB 2100100100x100x50IP54
TKB 2110110110x110x70IP54
TKB 2150110150x110x70IP54
TKB 2190145190x145x80IP67
TKB 2250200250x200x90IP67
TKB 2310230310x230x130IP67
Deep Knockout Junction Box
TKB 308012080x120x120IP54
TKB 3100100100x100x120IP54
TKB 3150110150x110x140IP54
TKB 3190145190x145x140IP67
TKB 3250200250x200x160IP67
TKB 3310230310x230x180IP67
Transparent Knockout Junction Box
TTB 6150110150x110x70IP54
TTB 6190145190x145x80IP67
TTB 6250200250x200x90IP67
TTB 6310230310x230x130IP67
Deep Transparent Knockout Junction Box
TTB 7150110150x110x140IP54
TTB 7190145190x145x140IP67
TTB 7250200250x200x160IP67
TTB 7310230310x230x180IP67

Circular Knockout Junction Box

Knockout Junction Box

Deep Knockout Junction Box

Transparent Knockout Junction Box

Deep Transparent Knockout Junction Box