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Rack Cabinets

Product Features

  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Wide Space for the Cabling
  • Pre-Drilled Entries For an Easy Installation
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Triangle Lock System

Item can be shipped to all over the world.


19” Rack Cabinets are free-standing cabinets, they are suitable for offices, equipment rooms as server housing and infrastructural cabling installations.
Rack Cabinets are made of steel sheet and provide up to 1000 kg. load carrying capacity, IP 20 protection and offer flatpack handling option.
Wall mounted cabinets; offers 7U to 20U solutions for data cabling infrastructure for offices and system rooms.
Top and bottom chassis which has twisted monoblock, welded and profile with internal locking design have a structure that will increase the resistance and strength of the cabinet.
The perforated top panel consists of special vent holes for ventilation and the fan module system

Technical Features

19” Floor Stand Alone Rack Cabinet

ModelSizes (W x D) cm
QRC 12U6060
12 U 60x60
QRC 16U6060
16 U 60x60
QRC 20U6060
20 U 60x60
QRC 22U6060
22 U 60x60
QRC 26U6060
26 U 60x60
QRC 32U6060
32 U 60x60
QRC 36U6060
36 U 60x60
QRC 39U6060
39 U 60x60
QRC 42U6060
42 U 60x60
QRC 45U6060
45 U 60x60
QRC 12U6080
12 U 60x80
QRC 16U6080
16 U 60x80
QRC 20U6080
20 U 60x80
QRC 22U6080
22 U 60x80
QRC 26U6080
26 U 60x80
QRC 32U6080
32 U 60x80
QRC 36U6080
36 U 60x80
QRC 39U6080
39 U 60x80
QRC 42U6080
42 U 60x80
QRC 45U6080
45 U 60x80

19” Floor Stand Alone Rack Cabinet

Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

ModelSizes (W x D) cm
QRW 07U6045
07 U 60x45
QRW 09U6045
09 U 60x45
QRW 12U6045
12 U 60x45
QRW 16U6045
16 U 60x45
QRW 20U6045
20 U 60x45
QRW 07U6060
07 U 60x60
QRW 09U6060
09 U 60x60
QRW 12U6060
12 U 60x60
QRW 16U6060
16 U 60x60
QRW 20U6060
20 U 60x60

Wall Mount Rack Cabinet